3 Steps to Overcoming Your Social Media Addiction

  • Informed, after consuming news from different perspectives?
  • Educated, after doing a google search on an interesting topic or reading a great article?
  • Motivated, after seeing a job opportunity or hearing about an interesting business?
  • Connected, after looking at photos of our loved ones?
  1. Write down how you want to feel after using social media.
    Place that word(s) somewhere highly visible.
  2. Turn off notifications.
    Why should someone else decide what is important to you and when?
  3. Create a set amount of time to check social media and email.
    Pick a time when your mental acuity is waning and not right before bed.



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Jeanine Mouchawar

Jeanine Mouchawar

Hi! I am a Life Design Coach partnering with motivated people to create a life filled with meaning and joy. www.jeaninemouchawar.com